Something Really Different!

Brought to life by the visionary minds behind the Web3 film watching and trading platform WTe, the You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival revolutionizes film festivals by issuing NFT Festival Passes, giving audiences the power to review submissions and decide award-winning films. 

With the motto "You are the judge, everyone is a judge," we democratize film selection, amplifying audience voices in the industry. We focuse on four major genres: Drama, Horror, Action and Romance, seek films balancing artistic expression and commercial viability, fostering a community-driven environment via Web3 concepts. Leveraging blockchain technology, we ensure the authenticity and integrity of film copyrights.

Through a dynamic array of online and offline screenings, engaging panel discussions, illuminating Q&A sessions, cocktail parties and vibrant social gatherings, we facilitate a seamless exchange between creators and cinephiles. These connections forge a bridge between storytellers and enthusiasts, harmoniously closing the gap between creative minds and the film industry.

Save the dates for our highly anticipated third edition, set against the backdrop of Beijing, China, from April 24th to 26th, 2024.

Wait…Web3? NFT? Scam?

Web3, NFT, crypto, blockchain... Whether these buzzwords will become scams depends entirely on why you use them, who you use them for, and how you use them.

Now Answer These Questions:

We use NFT tickets for

1) Voting Empowerment and Democracy: NFT ticket holders shape awards, enhancing the equity of decision-making.

2) Security and Transparency: Blockchain safeguards against counterfeiting and tampering, while immutable records ensure verifiable voting outcomes.

3) VIP Privileges: NFT ticket holders enjoy exclusive access to festival programs, including USDT giveaways, screenings, filmmaker interactions, cocktail parties and vibrant social gatherings.

For movie enthusiasts from all corners of the globe – whether you're a devoted viewer, a passionate filmmaker, a film industry investor, or an aspiring director. It's also a must-have for Web3 enthusiasts and innovators who are eager to explore the captivating fusion of movies and blockchain technology.

By using NFTs as tickets for the film festival, we ensure proof of entrants, provide access to exclusive screenings, enable audience voting for winning films, and potentially offer revenue-sharing opportunities. The blockchain technology behind NFTs adds security, transparency, and programmability to the ticketing process, creating a more engaging and inclusive experience for attendees.


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